Seaweed Bath Bags

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Grainne na Mara Natural Remedy

Our Natural Seaweed Extract can be applied to the following:
Inflammation, Chemoradiation Burns, Arthritis, Psoriasis, Eczema, Acne, Warts, Sports Injuries, Boxing Injuries, Cuts & Bites, Stings & Burns, Athlete's Foot, Sinusitis, Cysts, Itches, Muscular Pain, Ear Infection, Eye Irritation, Hiccups, Upset Stomach, Tooth Ache, Gums and more.

Seaweed Bath Bags


The Seaweed Bath Bags consist of 60g of kelp seaweed in a mesh bag with drawstrings. Instructions for use: immerse the bag in hot water. When water cools so you can enter the bath, squeeze the bag to release the kelp gel. When finished, place the mesh bag back into the plastic bag and store in the fridge. The seaweed bath bag can be used twice.

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