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I suffered from knees joint pain/stiffness. I bought a bottle of Natural Seaweed Extract and the pain and stiffness is gone. I carry the bottle with me to use when the pain/stiffness returns. - John O' Connor, Sásta Sausages & Puddings.

About a month ago, I badly burned my arm. At first, it was only small, but the following day, the swelling was something else and very sore. I tried many creams to help it but the seaweed extract from Grainne na Mara was the best I found. Sean said I could use it as many times as I wanted. So at regular intervals, I applied the extract and I could see improvement within a short time. After a couple of days, my scar looked better and now it’s nearly gone. From now on, I keep a bottle in my bag just in case it happens again. It’s good for so many things that I would advise anybody to have one handy because you never know when you will need it. Thanks again Sean, it works for me definitely! - Marie, Dingle.

I used this product on my knee which was injured in a sports injury, I was always getting fluid building up. I spoke to Sean and he told me how to use it. I used at first sign of swelling, within one hour the swelling was gone. I would highly recommend this product. - Steven Neillings.

I have been using the Natural Seaweed Extract for skin irritation over the last three months and it has cleared the irritation completely. - Nuala Kelliher.

Just a note to recommend the Seaweed Spray. I have been using this product for some months and my lower back has benefited greatly. - Reverend P Watters V.F.

I was recommended your seaweed extract product by a friend. I suffered from recurring mouth ulcers whenever I was rundown. After using the seaweed extract the mouth ulcers healed very quickly and have not returned since.This confirms the well known belief in the healing properties of seaweed.I highly recommend this product. - Marie O' Sullivan.

I was experiencing sharp pain in the joints of my hand and could not hold the steering wheel of the car I was amazed at how quickly the pain subsided after using the seaweed extract spray. Thank you for this wonderful product I have since used it on my neck with equal success. - Lucy.

I would like to let it be known the great benefit I get for my arthritis from the use of seaweed extract spray. I had suffered a lot with my condition for years with many a sleepless night but since my use of this product over the past year my life is so much better. I had previously used a lot of other remedies but none as near effective as seaweed extract spray. - Noreen Cronin.