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Grainne na Mara Natural Remedy

Before picture on the left.

In January of this year we admitted to the centre two emaciated Boxer males in desperate condition. Apart from the fact they were skin and bone they also had very prominent pressure sores on the boney protrusions of the hips. These sores were open and bleeding in some cases. We used your seaweed product to alleviate the dryness and pain which proved to be very successful in aiding healing. I am delighted to report that the sores on both boys are healing well and Elmo in particular photographed above it is plain to see the difference.

Though not fully healed as yet the difference in the skin is remarkable and I would recommend it and indeed will use it for such conditions in the future.

The seaweed spray has been successful also on treating rainscald on Bella the horse. It dried it up nicely and treated the infection.

Thank you again for allowing us to try the product. Let me know if I can be of any help.

Kind regards, Eva Ellis – Centre Manager.

Grainne na Mara Natural Remedy

Grainne na Mara Natural Remedy